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Financial Planning for families in Ashland Oregon

Financial planning
to give you a
secure foundation

Financial Planning

Prior to developing an investment plan, we believe that it’s critical to have a detailed understanding of each client’s financial situation.


For every new client, we gather information in the following areas:

• Income and expenses

• Cash reserve level

• Current debts

• Net Worth

Insurance: life, health, long-term care, disability

• Retirement investments

• Taxable investments and investment property

• Pensions and Social Security

• Taxes

• Level of estate planning (no will, will, trust, etc.)

Finaincial Planning for same sex couples


Most of our clients are primarily concerned with making sure their money will last throughout their lifetime. For our retired and pre-retired clients we run a cash-flow forecast to see how they’re likely to fare in the future. We also cover all of the areas noted above under comprehensive financial planning.



What if you’re not sure whether you want to have us manage your assets? That’s fine. We can always give you a second opinion about your current investment plan or answer your financial planning questions.

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