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investment and retirement planning, Ashland Oregon

Investment management to give you 
peace of mind
after retirement

Investment Management

Typical asset classes include:​

•  Government Bonds

•  Municipal Bonds (in taxable accounts)

•  Intermediate-Term Bonds

•  Mortgage-Backed Securities

•  High-Yield Bonds

•  Foreign Bonds

•  Emerging Markets Bonds

•  Managed Futures

•  Liquid Hedge Strategies

•  U.S. and Foreign Real Estate

•  U.S. Large Cap Stocks

•  U.S. Mid Cap Stocks

•  U.S. Small Cap Stocks

•  Foreign Developed Market Stocks

•  Foreign Emerging Market Stocks

The key to successful investing is diversification among various asset classes. This is known as “asset allocation”, and many studies have shown that it is the best way to obtain the highest return for a given level of risk.

For each client, we construct an investment plan that takes into account the client’s goals, time horizon and risk tolerance. Each plan is written and presented to the client prior to investing. The plan shows how much will be invested in each asset class, as well as the investment vehicle (mutual fund, exchange traded fund, individual security, etc.) that will be used.


Financial Planning for widowed or divorced

Rigorous research goes into selecting the best mutual fund managers in each asset category. We also take taxes into consideration and strive to keep taxes to a minimum. Finally, we make portfolio changes periodically as market conditions or investment goals change.

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